Wednesday, March 08, 2006

What has contributed to Uganda’s poor state of development (by Joyce Mbowa)

The first reason why Uganda (our Country) is lagging behind in development, economically and otherwise is war. Wars have really set Uganda back in terms of development. Wars erupt as men fight for power and as such during those times of war, no development can take place because every one especially the ordinary Ugandans are on the run to save their lives. For example, from northern Uganda used to come a lot of quality simsim from which was made a paste that was very nutritious, used as one uses margarine on bread. But today, because of the war that has lasted for the last 19 years, there is no more simsim at all and many who depended on simsim lost their incomes. All of them are in the internally Displaced Camps (IDP) due to the war.

In the areas where there is no war, many people depend on agriculture, but there are no markets for their produce and even when they find markets, the prices for their produce is really low such that one is not able to improve on their standards of living. Many years ago. There used to be Co-operative societies but these have since died out due to poor management.

Another reason for Uganda’s underdevelopment is the differences that exist between us Ugandans. We are so divided by our tribes, religion and political affiliations and we look at each other as enemies instead of development partners.

We think so much about our appearances before others. When one gets enough money, one always thinks of acquiring expensive things like cars and eating in very exotic and expensive hotels. There is no saving culture in Uganda. Whatever is made is used up as it comes that is when people lose their jobs; they have nothing to fall back on.

I think that for Uganda to start on the path to economic and political development, our leaders must have a limited time frame in power such that new people come in with new and different ideas and plans. When leaders stay for too long in power, people get tired leading to internal wars and thus destruction and under development of the country.


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