Thursday, March 09, 2006

The war in northern Uganda( Stephen Akena)

I do believe that the northern war ,if taken more seriously, will obviously end. To me, it seems there is so much relaxation in this war, and so much lack of serousness from the government side. This conflict no longer needs the gun. I believe that peace talks would be the best option.

If only one day we could have our pride thrown into the river and be washed away, and we accept the peace talk deal which has become an endless song, am sure something will happen. Because the rebels on several occassions have shown interest in the peace talks , only to be turned down at the last moment. Conditions are changed so abruptly that the rebels immediately would feel that there is something fishy about the whole thing, so they too change their minds.

What still puzzles me is why such a situation is created so that the peace talks are never reached. I wonder if there are some big people behind the whole scene, that makes the situation even more complicated. If really there wasn't something behind this, yet these rebels are believed to be very weak, and with all that is being spent on this war, why can' these people be totally destroyed ?


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