Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Moral Decay at the village (Robert Ocora)

I believe and most of you will agree with me that the Acholi people, were one of the most well behaved people in the country, but guess what, it has become totally the opposite at the village and even in the camps up north.

In the olden days, a girl was not suppoesd to cncieve when still in the mothers house but now it's the norm. So many fatherless children are being born in the society and this does not seem to bother the parents at all, such cases were treated with explsion from the homestead, thus forcing the girl to look for the responsible person.
Boys too have grown wings, they have resorted to drugs and watching all the funny films , all these were unheard of in the good old days.

I really think that the parents and the society can do alot more to have these youths sensitied on the dangers of all these, maybe the responsible departments - government and NGOs can put up some community centres or such similar structures where they can meet regularly , and get advice and occupy themselves with other activities that can keep them off being idle.

I do believe that with all these in place, alot can be reaped, or maybe am being too optimistic. Could this be the result of the first growing world ? Are the children copying the western world or is it just the conditions that they are faced with?


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