Monday, March 13, 2006

I believe that Africa is Great (by Edith Namara)

I believe That Africa can be a better place to live in socially, econopmically and politically. The rate and level of poverty can also be reduced if there is more effort or if poor Africans are encouraged to work hard and begin to believe in themselves. Having been in Africa all thier lives they have what Africa needs to end her woes.

I believe that Trade and Industry can beimproved in Africa, helping Africans to get jobs and improve on their living standards ensuring that life is more comfortable and rewarding for them.
Africa does not need Aid but needs to learnj how to add value to her products so that they fetch a high price which they can utilize to better both individual and community life.

Africa is well endowed with natural resourcesi.e feretile soils, forests, great climate and much more. These can be exploited to improve the economic status of Africa.

If only Africa could stop this aweful divisions and wars amongst her own sons and daughters, and foster peace and reconciliation, both economic and political development is not very far away. The world will be amazed by the tremendous trasformation that Africa will undergo. They willrun to Africa fore anbswers to their social, econoomic and political tsunamis.


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