Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Africa is the most social continent (by Lubinga Ismail)

I believe that socially, Africa is the most social amongest the continents in the world. There are many things which attract people to Africa. Things like traditional dances, namings, dressings and languages. There are also physical features which attract tourists to Africa for example the volcano mountains in Uganda and river Nile. What physical features can attract Africans there.

I personally believe this because, from history till today Europeans come to see these physical features and are also interestedin our traditional wears. Infact I have seen in news papers, whites dressed in gomases and kansus in occassions like marriage ceremonies. And they really look very smart in those attires. Do they have specail attires for introduction or marriage ceremonies?

I donot understand whether the europeans also have traditional beliefs like Africans. I see most of them very carefree unlike us this way where you donot have to meet your mother-law or father-law face to face. Are there such traditions also?


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