Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Positive Change is within Africa Herself (by ?????)

I believe Africa can be a better place socially, economically and politically. The wars ravaging this beautiful continent can all be stopped and the focus directed to development and health. Africa is far richer than all the other continents and by working, supporting and respecting each other, we can make this great continent the admiration of the whole world.

The reason i believe what I believe about Africa is that the potential for greater and positive change is within africa herself. All the rest of the world has tried to help Africa but has failed. Only Africans understand the challenges the Africa faces and it is they that have the answer to them.

What i do0 not understand is why Africas are almost always at war with each other. We all have a beautiful skin, unique cultures and norms and are fully orbed humans. Why the hatred and greed ampongst us to the level of killing one another! that is what I do not understand.

Seeing that Africa is the richest continent on earth, why is she still dependent on foreign nations to help her stand up?


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