Monday, March 19, 2007

There is hope for life in Africa mebers (by Nabawanuka Magaret)

I believe that in three years to come, the lives of life in Africa members will improve if we continue to work together and being creative. This is because I have seen much efforts put by the director of life in Africa to see that life in Africa members earn some thing to help them with their families. If I see every last Saturday of the month members come with a lot of stuff to sell it is really good as we get some thing to go with for our children.

Africa is very rich in creativeness and also have the potential but what we always lack is the market! We can produce good things and end up not getting where to sell. The once communication technology which was a problem, I believe is no more. The internet is doing best to link us with the western world but still the rate of selling African products is still low. I still don’t know how the sells of African products can be improved?

Friday, January 05, 2007

The Burden We Carry:

The Burden we carry (By ABURA KAMILO)

The people of Northern Uganda quietly take up the burdens of a new day. Children walk to school with exercise books in their hand while on the other side rage the flames of armed conflict.

Since 1986, a rebel group called the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) has waged war in the bush of Northern Uganda it is an insurgency movement characterized by merciless violence, a conflict that claims civilians as victims and leaves a trail of suffering and death behind.

To trace the roots of the current war in Acholi land is to work through a tangle of economic, social, and cultural pieces of Uganda’s History. What remains at present is a story of consistent insecurity and untold loss.

The Acholi live in the shadow of an ill-defined rebel cause led by Joseph Kony, under whose command the LRA has grown into a vehicle for gross violation of human right.

In order to fuel their war and fortify their troops, LRA have made it their practice to abduct children and to train them as soldiers. The children are taken from their home and schools and pressed into the life of brutality and perpetual dangers. They are used in a heavy combat with Ugandan government soldiers and are forced to commit atrocities against their own people girls as young as 12 years are given to rebel commanders as “Wives” and many have now given birth in the LRA stronghold in the bush. The merciless treatment of these child soldiers is not only a tool of battle, but also to strip them of sensibility and the will to survive.

Mourning families and communities are left in the wake of the LRA, stripped of their youth and their promise of a future. The rebel has burned the entire villages; compelling thousands to move into the camps for internally displace people (IDP). Here the Acholi wrestle with despair apathy and the rapid spread of diseases. AIDS has taken a firm and devastating hold in the crowded conditions of the IDP camps, where makeshift huts are now surrounded by permanent graves.

Beyond the limit of towns and camps stretch fertile expanses of green, land now spotted with fallow field, charred nut and abandoned compounds. It was a place once peaceful and free now hunted by fear and tortured memory.

LRA activities goes in wave in northern Uganda while thousands of children remain captive, some have managed to escape and to return home for these children the scars of battle run deep and heal slowly. For the families and communities that welcome them, the celebration of homecoming is mixed with the pain of all that was lost.

The life of Acholi for over past 20 years has been colored by war and losses. Every life has been impacted by war and people of Northern Uganda have defined themselves of sorrow

The land has been beset by hardship for years their children taken by the LRA and theirs cattle stolen by the Karamojong, a neighboring tribe. Insecurity has torn at the fibers of a cohesive society; leaving people empty handed and frozen by sense of futility.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Aber Judith

Globally our dear continent is trying to go up but the corruption is drawing us back. For example sometime back it was announced that the aids rate had reduced. But today as I speak it has again gone up because all the global funds landed in wrong hands. There is even nobody to dare follow these culprits up due to the people behind them.

You follow them, you land yourself in hot soup. So people will continue to die due to lack of medicine just because some few people got the money onto their pockets.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Ayoo Margret

Political situation has forced the people of northern Uganda to leave in camps as if they didnot have where they came from. They may wish to go back to their villages but that fear is languishing in their minds that you never know. You never know the very day we go back home the rebels can attack us that very night.

Some people donot even know their villages because their parents were killed and they just followed other people. So tracing this kind of thing is very difficult. Such a person would wish to continue leaving in the camps not because he or she enjoys but being stuck in the mad.

Africa speaks by Ayoo Jennifer

Politics has really ruined our dear country Uganda and Africa as a whole. People even say there is no friendship in politics. Even if you one president shaking hands with another one, they only pretend but down in their hearts things are like I wish he could be unsat.

Just to focus on Uganda and its neighbours, you find them pretending to be in good terms but all of a sudden they will be accussing each other for political insecurity in their country.

So, if we did not have such kinds of misunderstandings, may be Africa would also be stable developed like other countries.

Friday, November 24, 2006

What a believable Acholi cultural traditions!

I believe that, the acholi cultural and traditions are naturally rich and are one of the best tribes around the country. The ‘Rwot’ who is their tradition leader commands a lot of respect and controls all the activities with number of advises called the lumembers. The leader works very closely with the healers who in this
Case is like doctors in hospitals treating all kinds of illnesses and performs rituals to control calamity in nature. They further work closely with the tradition court to decide cases against lawbreakers in society such that wrong doers are punished to protect the community.

The elders, who are like the golden library, with all kinds of information, teachings, and sense of direction, strongly advice the rwot in conflict resolution whereby reconciliation is possibly organized between different clans, in this process they, arrange compensation and forgiveness such that life goes on peacefully.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

African Political Issues(Adibu Christine)

I believe African Politics especially or in particularly the Acholi people has very important and organized procedure where by can not be done until allowed to do so. This can be easily seen in situation like war, when people of the same clan kill one another e.t.c.

During war, in the past Acholi people are obedient people who go to war only on order from Rwot (Clan leader) who after failing diplomacy to certain level has to has to sermon all assistants and order them after a brief consultation then declare war against certain group of people.

The leadership is very systematic and orderly right from head of a family. A man who is the head of a family (leader) can not for example sell a cow without the consent of the family members. Should there be complain and disagreement the transaction shall not be effected.
There is a local, court composing of clan leader and their members called ‘Kal Kwaro’ whose main duty is to settle disputes when death occurred through fighting or accident between people either of different clan or of the same clan. They decide any necessary punishment in form of fine and arrange for reconciliation (Mato Oput). ‘Oput’ in this case symbolize tolerance of any bitter moment in life.

What therefore, can we people of today learn from this kind of good moral, political arrangement which for sure can promote unity, peace and good governance?

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Peace prediction ( By Kyomukama Molly)

I believe by the end of five years we shall have a peaceful country Uganda. The twenty years civil wars is enough for the Uganda government, rebel leader and perhaps the rebel supportive countries. It is evidenced that if a sister country collaborates with the rebels always it is hard to negotiate peace in the country. I believe that rebel leader Konys’ move to Congo was because he was loosing confidence in the government of Sudan. And Congo where he is now is just like from frying pan to fire! so theacceptance of ceasefire by the government may restore peace in the north.

It is not understandable why this war has taken long but the truth is the so called organization of African unity are not very smart to their aims and objectives. They always meet and chart but don’t walk the talk, which is the sole cause of civil wars in Africa. But whom to blame since there is no democracy in Africa?

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Where there is unity there is development(By Gaster Lwanga

I believe in unity among the people and the community at large because, this helps people to overcome
problems that would have stopped them from achieving whatever they want for example; if one wanted to save money for something and yet you earn a small salary you can unite with other people to form a group which pools resources together and in the long run you can get what you want.

I do not believe in disunity because, as we all know "united we stand and divided we fall."
I would like to encourage all the life in Africa members to come together and work for the betterness
of our community so that we can prosper and get all we need and this makes me to wonder How can disunity be minimised?

Monday, May 15, 2006

Nangendo Irene

Politically Africa is becoming stable apart from some cases like the one of Northern Uganda and Sudan. Countries like Kenya and Tanzania respect their office terms, and they do not meet these challenges of resistant rebels every time.

The next steps is that some countries are merging to do things together in order to solve their national problems. For example Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and even Rwanda/ Burundi are coming under this atmosphere.

We only pray for this kind of attitude of togetherness to go forward in order for our Africa to develop.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Social life of Acholi people: (By Bomboko George)

I believe that the Acholi people are so organized hospitable generous and socially so advanced. This is seen in their leadership like the ‘Rwot’ the Acholi cultural leader who accommodate visitors, cares and feeds them which is very rear in the tradition of other tribes in Ugandan. The whole community is linked up in the structure of leadership which starts right from the head of a family, clan leaders and other member who is elected chairman of all the clan leaders called “Rwot”

Socially, men are known for the various cultural endowments such as dances, communal work such as digging or the harvest of crops. The norms which guide normal values among the youths, married people, men and women. The respect that is accorded to each and every one no wonder big or small every one is to respect the social valve of the community.

These values have been in force since but now things seem to have changed so much. Especially now that the IDP camps are the only forceful homesteads available. All the glory of the rich culture and tradition which was our pride eroded due to influence of the two decades of Joseph Kony war in Acholi land. What shall we the Acholi, Ugandans and the international community do in order to perfect our traditional ways of lives?

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Life in Africa Member: Albert Walozi:

Friday, May 12, 2006

End the War i Northern Uganda (by Okidi Alfred)

The political instability of Uganda has affected us the people from the northern. We have been separated from our families and even some have died. This is a painful thing which I just wish it could stop ridgt away.

If such things stopped, I would go back to my village and start cultivating to get free food and raise some money from produce. Food is now scarce in Uganda because the northern part is idle as far as agriculture is concerned.

My hopes is that the war ends completely and people leave the camps to settle in their origin homes.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Social life at the Acholi quartes ( Auma Betty)

Acholi quarter is a name which came about as a result of many Acholi who migrated from the north as a result of the war to this area, which given to them as a result of the Kabaka's kindness to these war affected people.

Due to this congestion , the moral behaviour of the community is generally appalling - because financially they are poor people and as a result , alcohol consumption is very high such that marrages are breaking up daily, and young girls indulge in love affairs so early and thus so many fatherless children who are unable to go school due to lack of fees. The standard of living here is very low, many have no access to facilities like televisions, radios , or even just bicycles to transport themselves around as it's the most used means of transport in this particular area, let alone the basic ones like food and clothing.

This therefore calls for more attention from both national and interational bodies , which may help give a bit of development and could do alot to the behavioural change in this small society , which if left to go on like this , could lead to an influx even in the neighbouring villages and you can imagine what this would eventually look like. I think we all have a role to play in this situaton. Can we all then stand up and join hands to make a change in this little but infested village?

Saturday, April 22, 2006

The painful wounds of HIV(By Atim monica

I believe all would agree with me the damage that has been caused by this unpredictable disease. It’s actually sad that it has come to stay, it does not look like it’s about to go any where a tall. Being victim this circumstance, I sometimes feel that life is so meaningless, because if I look back at the kind of life we have had since our parents died, it’s really hard to see anything good in this world! This does not only apply to me it’s almost throughout Africa.

Many children are facing this situation: well, what still looks like mystery to me is, whether this is an ailment for punishment from above or it’s a man made one as others say or it’s just a natural sickness? But still what I don’t understand is why a solution for cure hasn’t been found up to now? This then makes me think that, this thing was made to clear some race of people! For may be particular reason.

However, this seems to be irreversible, but with it now a lot can be done to minimize its spread and much more care for those already having it. Here in Uganda, a lot of praises has been given to the government for their participation but in it, I still see a lot of loopholes because I don’t know the kind of sensitization given to army men, could this also be an intended situation?

Because for example in the north, most of these officers are sick and they have infected most of the girls around the camps! They do have the money and looking at the financial situation in these camps, girls run to them as their greener pastures, and you find that nobody at all cares about the out come of unsafe sex.

And for the children who are orphans as a result of HIV, nothing much is being done and so many are left to become street children and the so called government has turned a deaf ear to set up homes that can absorb such children. Even the NGOs who are said to be doing something, just take very few of them. Can’t some body come out more especially to set up homes for such children? So that they can again have a loving environments to grow up?

Monday, April 03, 2006

Depolitising the military in Africa by Kiwanuka Mulindwa

Africa looks neither west nor east but forward said Kwameh Nkrumah. Politics and poverty have played an adversary role in changing direction towards the presidential seat, which is not bad as long as we get sound leadership.

The trend however is getting there and consolidating thyself and stay in power. And among such repressive machinery used is the military. Many have come to believe that strong leaders ascend to power through the barrel of the gun.

In the end, the leader is painted in a picture of a man sitting on a lion who fears to be eaten in case he gets off its back. I have always pointed out one thing that, if good people did nothing in case they lacked, it would certainly usher in peace and get rid of counterfeit freedom fighters.

Let us keep hope alive.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Political parties are personal in Uganda (by Mary Lalam)

I believe we are in a country where political parties are seen as personal property. Right from the time Uganda got inpendence that gave birth to uganda peoples' congress, Democratic party which has never ever even ruled this country. This is because of the rise of many political parties, people have become prostitutes in politics by crossing from one party to another which shows no Democrasy atall! Once some comes with party leadership, he remains the president for it and for good. Even if a person is in exile or as old as one can see still he is the boss.

Its hard to understand how many political parties we shall have because whoever gets political misunderstanding the only bussiness is to be a party president! I have always seen with the western world where there are only tow political parties ie one for the republicans and the other for the Democratis. Though there were many factional groups during the era of Napoloen but atleast now there is unity to fight for a common problem. When shall we have a party not basing on personal gains?

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Tolerance for everyone (By Faustino Okidi)

He who has room for others , room shall always be available to him. I bank this belief and concern on the current political events entrenched by African leaders.
Our statesmen have not been welcoming to new ideas , opinion and members of the opposition. They regard the opponents as enemies.

In the longrun , we stand at a loss of constructive ideas , and sacrifice the development of our country in only simple hands of a one man run nation. Good ideas have always been expected from only the henchmen on the regime. Which is quite sad.

If only our leaders appreciated and accepted the differences we had , Africa would be fast moving with the rest of the world. It is also quite unfortunate that we always follow trends and examples set by other continents with consequences which sometimes turn out to be a misfortune that we have to nurse with the scarce logistics.

African statesmen be tolerant and we build and sustain strong generations on the basis of true brotherhood and love.

Friday, March 31, 2006

Women's Revolution by Nansubuga Milly

When I was still a girl I remember things my mum used to tell me as a small Muganda girl, but after growing up, I have realised that some of these things where just because of ignorance. I will point out one of these things which was always uttered by my mum to make sure that when I grow up I will make a good housewife.

My mum used to tell me that, a good wife would only stay at home and prepares food and bear children for the husband who is supposed to cater for all her needs and the family. When I grew up I was looking towards this only but I realized later that it wasn’t the case for a woman of today.

I married when I was still a young girl because I never went to school and during my early days in marriageI made sure I follow my mum’s advise but it was a terrible time in our home. I started giving birth every year and within no time we had 5 children and maintaining the family needs became a problem.

I discussed with my husband the mess we were in and he partly blamed me for not being a creative wife. I decided to look for what I could do to earn an income to supplement on what my husband earned. I got what to do and now we are leaving a happier life than we used to, when I followed my mums advise.

I end up giving advise to fellow women not to leave all the responsibilities to their husbands, we are in a modern world, we should not stick on to the ancient days of our mothers.

The sorry state at the Quarters( Grace F. Akello)

I believe that the sanitary situation at the Acholi Quarter village can be improved on. I have been moving there to work at the stone quarry for the past two years, but what I always see, sometimes makes me sick.

In the first place, there are not enough toilets , so everyone feels free to go anywhere for natures calls, so with this kind set up, when it rains all is washed throughout the village, thus fear for serious outbreak of all types of diseases. Secondly, there's very poor drainage system here or none at all in some places, so water is always very free to run into houses, or wherever it can find a path.

I still wonder why nobody seems to bother at all, yet it is visited by so many people including government officials and some NGOs, and almost nothing is being done about this particular mess. Think of the thousands of lives that would be lost, should there be a cholera outbreak for example. Isn't there somebody who can take the responsibility of this hailing sitiuation? Is prevention no longer better than cure?

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Moral Decay at the village (Robert Ocora)

I believe and most of you will agree with me that the Acholi people, were one of the most well behaved people in the country, but guess what, it has become totally the opposite at the village and even in the camps up north.

In the olden days, a girl was not suppoesd to cncieve when still in the mothers house but now it's the norm. So many fatherless children are being born in the society and this does not seem to bother the parents at all, such cases were treated with explsion from the homestead, thus forcing the girl to look for the responsible person.
Boys too have grown wings, they have resorted to drugs and watching all the funny films , all these were unheard of in the good old days.

I really think that the parents and the society can do alot more to have these youths sensitied on the dangers of all these, maybe the responsible departments - government and NGOs can put up some community centres or such similar structures where they can meet regularly , and get advice and occupy themselves with other activities that can keep them off being idle.

I do believe that with all these in place, alot can be reaped, or maybe am being too optimistic. Could this be the result of the first growing world ? Are the children copying the western world or is it just the conditions that they are faced with?

Thursday, March 23, 2006

A united African leadership? (by Fred Tibaijuka)

I believe that Africa is developing politically. This is so because these days most Arican countries just elect their leader other than those days where most governments were miltary. Mostly Eastern Africa has democratic presidents now.

This is because my country elected her president last month. Tanzania also did some time back and Kenya also does the same except for some few wars which are disturbing Uganda. The wars will end because Kony's case is nopt very common as it used to be.

I understand that if we continue with a spirit of togetherness, the three sister states may have one leader. This will improve the political situation and even the economic conditions of the three countries.

What I do not understand, is if the African states can also unite under one leader. Is it possible for Africa?

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Africa is the most social continent (by Lubinga Ismail)

I believe that socially, Africa is the most social amongest the continents in the world. There are many things which attract people to Africa. Things like traditional dances, namings, dressings and languages. There are also physical features which attract tourists to Africa for example the volcano mountains in Uganda and river Nile. What physical features can attract Africans there.

I personally believe this because, from history till today Europeans come to see these physical features and are also interestedin our traditional wears. Infact I have seen in news papers, whites dressed in gomases and kansus in occassions like marriage ceremonies. And they really look very smart in those attires. Do they have specail attires for introduction or marriage ceremonies?

I donot understand whether the europeans also have traditional beliefs like Africans. I see most of them very carefree unlike us this way where you donot have to meet your mother-law or father-law face to face. Are there such traditions also?

Monday, March 13, 2006

I believe that Africa is Great (by Edith Namara)

I believe That Africa can be a better place to live in socially, econopmically and politically. The rate and level of poverty can also be reduced if there is more effort or if poor Africans are encouraged to work hard and begin to believe in themselves. Having been in Africa all thier lives they have what Africa needs to end her woes.

I believe that Trade and Industry can beimproved in Africa, helping Africans to get jobs and improve on their living standards ensuring that life is more comfortable and rewarding for them.
Africa does not need Aid but needs to learnj how to add value to her products so that they fetch a high price which they can utilize to better both individual and community life.

Africa is well endowed with natural resourcesi.e feretile soils, forests, great climate and much more. These can be exploited to improve the economic status of Africa.

If only Africa could stop this aweful divisions and wars amongst her own sons and daughters, and foster peace and reconciliation, both economic and political development is not very far away. The world will be amazed by the tremendous trasformation that Africa will undergo. They willrun to Africa fore anbswers to their social, econoomic and political tsunamis.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Political Situations Holding Back Economic growth (Teopista Akware)

I believe that the political situations in Uganda and Africa in general, is the one responsible for the poor economy that prevails in this part of the planet. But surely this can be improved.

I feel this is so , because whenever there is war, there is always so much mishappennings, e.g lootings and most investors tend to run away to more safer places, this is a very big drawback.

What I always fail to understand is why most African leaders are only interested in being presidents, and not thinking of other businesses, isn't this real greed?.When shall we ever get to the reality of improving our political situation?.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

The war in northern Uganda( Stephen Akena)

I do believe that the northern war ,if taken more seriously, will obviously end. To me, it seems there is so much relaxation in this war, and so much lack of serousness from the government side. This conflict no longer needs the gun. I believe that peace talks would be the best option.

If only one day we could have our pride thrown into the river and be washed away, and we accept the peace talk deal which has become an endless song, am sure something will happen. Because the rebels on several occassions have shown interest in the peace talks , only to be turned down at the last moment. Conditions are changed so abruptly that the rebels immediately would feel that there is something fishy about the whole thing, so they too change their minds.

What still puzzles me is why such a situation is created so that the peace talks are never reached. I wonder if there are some big people behind the whole scene, that makes the situation even more complicated. If really there wasn't something behind this, yet these rebels are believed to be very weak, and with all that is being spent on this war, why can' these people be totally destroyed ?

What if the wars stopped? (by Adrine Kyarisiima)

I believe Uganda can do better than she has been doing if wars stopped. This is because among the East African countries most investors are very interested in the development of Uganda. Why are they interested in Uganda despite the war problems?

There are many organisations for example United States Agency for Development, UNICEF, CCF, and many others. Can more of these organization concentrate in the villages as well?

I do not understand why there are political wars in Uganda most of the time compared to the other East African countries. Why is this so sincerely?

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

What has contributed to Uganda’s poor state of development (by Joyce Mbowa)

The first reason why Uganda (our Country) is lagging behind in development, economically and otherwise is war. Wars have really set Uganda back in terms of development. Wars erupt as men fight for power and as such during those times of war, no development can take place because every one especially the ordinary Ugandans are on the run to save their lives. For example, from northern Uganda used to come a lot of quality simsim from which was made a paste that was very nutritious, used as one uses margarine on bread. But today, because of the war that has lasted for the last 19 years, there is no more simsim at all and many who depended on simsim lost their incomes. All of them are in the internally Displaced Camps (IDP) due to the war.

In the areas where there is no war, many people depend on agriculture, but there are no markets for their produce and even when they find markets, the prices for their produce is really low such that one is not able to improve on their standards of living. Many years ago. There used to be Co-operative societies but these have since died out due to poor management.

Another reason for Uganda’s underdevelopment is the differences that exist between us Ugandans. We are so divided by our tribes, religion and political affiliations and we look at each other as enemies instead of development partners.

We think so much about our appearances before others. When one gets enough money, one always thinks of acquiring expensive things like cars and eating in very exotic and expensive hotels. There is no saving culture in Uganda. Whatever is made is used up as it comes that is when people lose their jobs; they have nothing to fall back on.

I think that for Uganda to start on the path to economic and political development, our leaders must have a limited time frame in power such that new people come in with new and different ideas and plans. When leaders stay for too long in power, people get tired leading to internal wars and thus destruction and under development of the country.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Era of Forgetfulness (by Peter Ndelo)

I believe we are in our era where forgetfulness is a common disease, whether one is old or young daily we try to rely on diaries in order to remind ourselves of what we have planned to so or say. My Grand mom had no written records but over the years, she could talk about the first and second world wars better than reading a textbook about these wars. She even became my school reference book.

As a matter of fact, in telling the time, we rely on the shadows at the corners of the house or merely glanced at the sky and knew what time it was. She had legends and myths that we wonder if there wasn’t an in built archive in her head. She never went to school, yet so organized in her mind, that she never mixed issues or stories.

Her attitude to work was also very different from today’s work. Work today is regarded as a compensation for whatever is lacking in life, but to her, work was life. Imagine waking up early before cock crow, make a fire and prepare break fast which consisted mainly of warming up left-overs from the night before she would set off with the family basket balanced on her head, child on hr back, a hoe slang over her shoulder, and a panga in one hand while the other pulled a goat that would be tethered in the bush near where she would be working.

It was my delight to explain to her the things that had come up so that she too could keep pace and just make comparisons with things of her time. Things like grinding mills that grind sacks and sacks of millet flour where a surprise to her but could be advantageous to modern rural Africa,. And how could I have defined the computer and it’s technicalities the concept would have been utterly beyond her explaining after being told about the memory storage of the computer and the ability to give people information woo, How can one help transform life in Africa?

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Positive Change is within Africa Herself (by ?????)

I believe Africa can be a better place socially, economically and politically. The wars ravaging this beautiful continent can all be stopped and the focus directed to development and health. Africa is far richer than all the other continents and by working, supporting and respecting each other, we can make this great continent the admiration of the whole world.

The reason i believe what I believe about Africa is that the potential for greater and positive change is within africa herself. All the rest of the world has tried to help Africa but has failed. Only Africans understand the challenges the Africa faces and it is they that have the answer to them.

What i do0 not understand is why Africas are almost always at war with each other. We all have a beautiful skin, unique cultures and norms and are fully orbed humans. Why the hatred and greed ampongst us to the level of killing one another! that is what I do not understand.

Seeing that Africa is the richest continent on earth, why is she still dependent on foreign nations to help her stand up?